Museum on the Rhine - interactive

Virtual time travel in the Stadtmuseum

What do Frankenstein and the Middle Rhine Valley have in common? Why are there so many castles on this particular stretch of the Rhine? How long have tourists been coming here? In Oberwesel’s Stadtmuseum you can embark on an unusual and fascinating time journey through the eventful history of the Upper Middle Rhine Valley. Cutting-edge technology transforms a large-scale landscape model of the Rhine Valley between Koblenz and Bingen into a time machine. At the touch of a fingertip this state-of-the-art installation allows visitors to create their own journey through time and witness how today’s cultural landscape has evolved over the centuries. There are snappy fast facts for people in a hurry and a whole host of stimulating themed films for those with more time to spare. Whichever you choose, the sophisticated animations and attractive images make the experience both educational and entertaining. For foreign visitors the Stadtmuseum also offers an English language version.

Virtual tour of the town

With the aid of modern audio-visual technology, visitors can go on a “virtual tour of the town” and learn lots of interesting facts about the town’s medieval attractions (in German or English).

Museum Cinema

The museum’s cinema is located in the historic vaulted cellar. Here, amongst other things, you can watch a film on the history of Rhine shipping which was made specially for the museum.