Kulturhaus Oberwesel Geschichte

History of the Monastery

The Franciscan monastery at Oberwesel is founded In 1242. In about 1280 the monks start work on the construction of a church in the Gothic style.

When the order divides into different branches in around 1500, the Oberwesel Franciscans join the Minorites. The Reformation, however, soon has a dire effect on monastic life.

The monastery experiences its second ‘golden age’ during the Baroque era. The buildings are restored or rebuilt. The end finally comes in 1802 when secularisation leads to the dissolution of monastery. Services continue to be held in the church until 1836.

In 1836 the entire monastery is destroyed in a town fire and impoverished Oberwesel townsfolk make their homes in the ruins. A rather unusual residential neighbourhood develops - one which, to this day, has lost nothing of its charm.